Enterprise AI Chatbots For Executives and Employees

It is essential to support your employees during a significant change: move, change of IT tools ... This way, you will limit the fears and apprehension of everyone.

Discover what an AI chatbot can do for you
chatbots and virtual agents for change management

What can an AI Chatbot bring for Managers and Employees


Improved Productivity and Reduce of Repetitive Tasks

A significant step in the life of an employee: relocating! A chatbot can be your best ally to support before, during, and after the move.


Automation of routine tasks

Workflow organization

Prioritization of action items

Data Analysis from your documents

Are you about to replace an IT tool or to perform an impactful upgrade for your users? Anticipate the changes so as not to be overwhelmed on D-Day and to best support your employees.


Analyze data sets

Summarize reports

Prepare presentations quickly and accurately


Training and Development

GPT Pro can create customized training programs for employees based on their needs and performance.


Colleagues feel listened to

Anonymous or open feedback

Better communication

Exploring the transition to a hybrid workplace model?

A GPT could be an effective strategy to address your team's inquiries and alleviate concerns about this significant shift:

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide answers to common questions from your team, ensuring they are fully informed before, during, and after the transition. What are the steps involved? Is in-office work still an option? What are the reasons for adopting a hybrid model?

Key Dates and Essential Information

Perfect for reminding staff about important dates and providing essential details to offer reassurance. When is the transition date? When can I visit the office? Is it okay to leave personal items there?

Updates and Communications

Deliver ongoing updates to ensure that the team stays well-informed about the project's main phases


Frequently Asked Questions

No, technical proficiency is not a prerequisite for crafting your GPT with GPT Pro! Our intuitive interface permits anyone to input data and tailor their GPT effortlessly. You can also directly upload your content to swiftly establish your initial knowledge database.

The deployment duration for a GPT varies based on the volume of knowledge you intend to integrate. The technical aspect is straightforward! From a functional perspective, we suggest structuring your GPT development into 3 phases: composition, education, and testing. You have the autonomy to allocate as much time as necessary to each phase. Typically, a span of 2 to 3 hours suffices to achieve a dependable and effective GPT.

Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) for your GPT involves evaluating the efficiency and impact of your GPT against the objectives and resources invested. Key metrics include improvement in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction rates, reduction in manual workload, and any increase in sales or leads attributed to the GPT. A comprehensive analysis should consider both quantitative and qualitative outcomes to accurately assess the value brought by your GPT to your enterprise or Microsoft teams.