Enterprise AI Chatbots For Human Resources

Discover what an AI chatbot can do for you

Optimizing the onboarding process, managing employment contracts, updating employee data, answering the same questions over and over… These are all time-consuming tasks on an HR average day.

We are convinced that your added-value lies in your ability to create new development areas such as well-being at work and the digitalization of HR processes. Our ambition is to offer your employees the best daily experience and to reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

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What can GPT Pro do for Human Resources Team

chatbot onboarding

Improve the employee onboarding experience

GPT Pro can help you automate and personalize the onboarding process for new employees, providing tailored information and instant support for fast, efficient integration.


Reassured employees

Successful integration

HR support relieved

Help employees navigate the HR Information System

Facilitate the use of the HR Information System by guiding users and facilitating actions directly from conversations.


Independent employees

HR applications adopted

Revaluation of tasks

chatbot connected to HRIS
chatbot resolves simple inquires

Resolve simple HR inquires

Ideal for relieving the HR department of recurring low value-added questions and increasing employee autonomy.


Independent employees

Better quality of life at work

HR support relieved

Collect feedback and measure well-being at work

Improve internal communication, disseminate information through a new channel and obtain feedback through surveys.


Smoother communication

Effective surveys

Employees feel listened to

chatbot satisfaction survey poll

Stay connected to your employees

human ressources chatbot questions

Respond quickly to recurring questions

To reduce the number of recurrent and repetitive questions received by the HR teams on e-mail, over the phone, via support … Turn your FAQs and welcome booklets into conversations!

human resources chatbot answers

Encourage dialogue and initiatives

Users have the power! They can directly provide feedback to the chatbot to contribute to its ongoing improvement or choose to be put in touch with support immediately.

human resources chatbot wellbeing

Measure the employee satisfaction level

The chatbot cannot only answer questions, but he can also be proactive and start a conversation with your employees. He will automatically record the answers and provide you with statistics. Surveying has never that easy!

GPT Pro acts as a dedicated assistant, offering round-the-clock support to employees with their tasks and inquiries.

No, technical background is not necessary to craft your GPT with our platform. Designed for ease of use, it permits anyone to input data and manage settings effortlessly. Direct content import is available to swiftly establish your initial knowledge base.

Usually, 3 or 5 minutes.

Initial assistance in developing your first GPT or copilot is advisable. Our support packages vary from basic to comprehensive, allowing you to choose according to your needs and swiftly gain proficiency in utilizing our platform.