AI Chatbot for Legal Departments

A real solution and leverage to the repetitive and time consuming tasks for legal department.

Discover what an AI chatbot can do for you

Why digitize the Legal Department?

Simplify the daily work of the legal function.
Save time by reducing processing times for legal matters.
Modernize the image of the Legal Department.
Improve collaboration between legal and other departments.
Optimize costs to reinvest and increase productivity.

What can an GPT Pro bring to the Legal Department?


Digitalization of the Legal Department - in French

GPT Pro takes care of the recurring and low value-added tasks so that you can focus on stimulating and strategic operations.

It can detect legal problems and guide your internal clients to the right inhouse attorney to prevent any further damage.

It is important to remember that the chatbot or any other digital tool cannot replace the legal function. Digital tools are created to make everyday life easier for employees.

NDAs and other agreements

I need the latest NDA template. I need to review a sponsorship agreement.


What exactly is the GDPR? How can I access and modify my data?


I have been served, what should I do? What is deliberation?

Trade Law

I need a standard sales contract. Can I remove the disclaimer?


I want to declare a gift. Can a gift to a client be billed as expenses?

Legal issues

What are the charges to be paid by the owner? What impact does Covid-19 have on my lease?


What data can an AI chatbot collect?

Most of the time, the other departments do not understand the importance of the Legal Department or know little of what it does. The chatbot collects working data that will communicate your actions and support your decisions.

Identify the types of questions asked by your colleagues

Count the number of questions and documents requested

Evaluate the satisfaction rate of internal customers

Find out which departments consume more resources from the Legal Department